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Cat Recovery Suit Pet E collar Alternative Cotton Cat Shirt After Surgery Wounds

Cat Recovery Suit Pet E collar Alternative Cotton Cat Shirt After Surgery Wounds

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Product functions/features:

Restoring stable clothes after pure cotton surgery


1. Support postoperative recovery

2. Play a stabilizing effect on cats after surgery

3. Anti-licking, anti-scratching, and infection prevention of postoperative wounds

4. Anti-licking and anti-scratching auxiliary bandage for skin disease treatment

5. Does not affect daily activities and rest

6. Does not affect the entrance and exit of the closed cat litter tray

7. Prevent pregnancy harassment


1. The post-operative clothes are made of pure cotton fabric, which is soft and elastic, and the fabric is strong in wrapping. The cat is like being in the arms of the owner, psychologically soothing the injured cat, and has a postoperative stabilization effect on the cat. (Some cats will experience postoperative excitement after surgery. Excessive exercise will affect the healing of the wound)

2. Except for the support rod, the cat's body is fully covered, which can prevent the cat from actively licking and biting and causing secondary infection;

3. Ribbed edging design has been added to the collar and hand parts, and the abdomen is thickened with cotton cloth design to take care of the injured cat;

4. Use 10cm nylon hook and loop fastener to fix it, and the fixed position is on the back, which will not affect the cat's sleep. Use pig nose buckle to adjust the size of the neck
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