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Cooling Vest Jacket for Dog Bulldog Pet Cooling Vest

Cooling Vest Jacket for Dog Bulldog Pet Cooling Vest

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Dog Cooling Vest

1. Outer shell: silver color heatd protection mesh fabric, breathable.
it can reduce the heat comes from outside.
2. Middle layer: water absorbent storage fiber, which can absorb the ice water and keep it for hours.
3. Inner layer: soft cooling touch fabric, this fabric acts cool effect when it gets continuously ice
wet from middle layer.
4. with reflecting brim on back for safety walking your dog at night
5. Adjustable chest with plastic buckle and sliders, extra comfortable elastic band on chest
6. with elastic band ring for the dog' s tail on size L to size 3XL. To keep best fitting on your dog.
7. with hole on back for harness D ring.
8. embroidering logo
9. Ideal cooling dog vest for walking , climbing , sports .

How to cool ?

1. Soak in cold water or freezer for ice cool
2. wring out excess water
3. put it on your dog
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