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Collar Alternative Dog Recovery Suit After Surgery Pet Wear

Collar Alternative Dog Recovery Suit After Surgery Pet Wear

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Product functions/features:

Restoring stable clothes after pure cotton surgery


1. Support postoperative recovery

2. Postoperative stability

3. Anti-lick, anti-bite, prevent infection

4. Does not affect daily activities, rest and rest


1. The post-operative clothes are made of pure cotton fabric, which is soft and elastic, and the fabric is strong in wrapping. The dog is like in the arms of the owner, psychologically soothing the injured dog, and playing a stabilizing effect after the operation.

2. The coverage is large, which can prevent the dog from actively licking and biting and causing secondary infection;

3. Ribbed edging design has been added to the collar and hands, and the double-layer cotton cloth design on the abdomen will take extra care of the injured dog;

4. Use Velcro fasteners to fix it, and the fixed position is on the back, which does not affect the dog's sleep;

5. A storage design is added. When the dog urinates and urinates daily, the owner can store the rear buttocks distribution material using the small nylon velcro on the chest, which will not affect the daily dog ​​walking and the dog urinate.

6. Use traditional bandages to wrap wounds. Rough fabrics will cause bleeding after surgery. Restricting the movement of dogs will seriously affect postoperative mood.
This surgical gown is soft and skin-friendly, covering a large area, so dogs don’t need to rest assured after surgery, and the owner is more at ease.
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